Korea's Black Market, where everything is for sale. Even your life.

Young-Gyu was the best. He was an Organ Dealer, smuggling body parts for sale to the highest bidder. His crew was the best – an organized team of professionals with top skills and no conscience. But when one of them dies on the job, the crew scatters.

Now he fronts stolen goods, and has fallen in love with Yoo-Ri, a ticket agent at the port terminal. Her father is dying, and when she turns to a ruthless loan shark for help, Young-Gyu  goes on a search to find his old partners for one last job.

Kim Hong-Sun

Im Chang-Jung

Daniel Choi

Oh Dal-Soo

Cho Youn-Hee

Cho Dal-Hwan

Jeong Ji-Yoon

Run Time
111 min
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Still 2
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Still 4