The Timber
The Timber
The Timber
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The Timber


New western action-adventure from director Anthony O'Brien, starring Josh Peck. An outlaw of the Yukon raises bounty hunter sons.

In the Outback’s Wild West, two desperate brothers take a job as bounty hunters to save their home. But in The Timber, brutality and bloodshed is the law of the land.

Anthony O'Brien

Josh Peck

James Ransone

Elisa Lasowski

Mark Caven

David Bailie

Run Time
80 min
Release Date
Original Language
The Timber film from Well Go stars two bounty hunter brothers in the Yukon wild west
A man sits on horse and carriage in the Wild West film The Timber (2015)
The Timber film from Well Go stars Josh Peck as a bounty hunter in the wild west