The Great Battle
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"What if one of you dies?"
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The Great Battle


With epic scale and breathtaking action, THE GREAT BATTLE tells the story of the Siege of Ansi, where Goguryeo forces held their fortress against 500,000 invading Tang soldiers in a battle that raged for eighty-eight days.

천하를 손에 넣으려는 당 태종은 수십만 대군을 동원해 고구려의 변방 안시성을 침공한다.
20만 당나라 최강 대군 VS 5천명의 안시성 군사들.
40배의 전력 차이에도 불구하고, 안시성 성주 양만춘과 전사들은 당나라에 맞서 싸우기로 결심하는데…

동아시아 역사상 가장 위대한 승리를 이끈 안시성 전투가 시작된다!

Kim Kwang-Sik

Zo In-Sung

Nam Joo-Hyuk

Park Sung-Woong

Run Time
135 mins.
Release Date
Original Language
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Leading soldier in battle voices commands
Army leader stands before his men at the gates
In midst of battle, soldiers fight for their lives
Man throws machetes in battle
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