The Brink
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Max Zhang starring in The Brink (2017) movie by Well Go USA.
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The Brink


New best action film from Max Zhang. A renegade cop is on a mission to bring a shady smuggler to justice. A relentless barrage of action. Watch now on DVD or stream on demand.

When his investigation leads to a Triad mob boss and global smuggling ring, his manhunt quickly turns from local misconduct into a violent international incident. The Brink is a steady dose of high flying action and explosive fight sequences that never stop - not even underwater.

Jonathon Li

Max Zhang

Shawn Yue

Janice Man

Wu Yue

Tai Po Cecilia So

Yasuaki Kurata

Cheang Pou-soi, Paco Wong
Run Time
100 minutes
Release Date
Original Language
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Max Zhang attacks in an underwater fist fight showdown
Two men confront each other in battle
Heavy hitting action between two trained fighters
A man draws a gun
A man played by Max Zhang outruns an attack
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