Sky on Fire
Sky on Fire

Sky on Fire


Five years ago, a fire took the life of Professor Poon, and the notebook on his research for a cure to a deadly disease disappeared without a trace. His assistant Gao Yu (Zhang Jingchu) was saved from a fiery death thanks to the quick action of Chong Tin-po (Daniel Wu), a security guard at the lab.

Now the chief security officer at a top level medical facility, Tin-po protects the lab where Yu works, hoping she will find the cure to the disease that took the life of his wife years earlier. Tin-po is soon caught in an explosive battle when Poon Chi-man (Zhang Ruoyun), a young thief with a mysterious past, steals the curative medicine. After discovering the true origins of the medicine, Tin-po must decide who he can trust to protect the cure from falling into the wrong hands: Poon Chi-man and his accomplices or Tong (Fan Guangyao), the ruthless businessman who funds the facility?

Ringo Lam

Daniel Wu

Joseph Chang

Zhang Jingchu

Amber Kuo

Zhang Ruoyun


Run Time
110 min
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Sky on Fire
Sky on Fire