Legend of the Demon Cat
Legend of the Demon Cat
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Legend of the Demon Cat (2019)


Best new sci-fi fantasy action movie from director Kaige Chen, starring Shota Sometani. 

Havoc descends upon the Imperial Court of the Tang Dynasty when the General’s wife is possessed by an ancient demon.  Through a series of unexpected twists and turns, the unlikely duo of an eccentric poet and dutiful monk, unravel the dark and ancient mystery behind a centuries-old death of a beautiful courtesan in hopes it holds the key to saving the general’s wife.

Kaige Chen

Xuan Huang, Shota Sometani, Yuqi Zhang

Run Time
129 min
Release Date
Original Language
Dubbed Language
Subtitle Language
Two men on board a canoe with lantern
A female dancer entertains an audience of restaurant diners
A man discovers a hidden pouch
One man unrolls a sacred scroll
A man in the shadows stares suspiciously
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