Iceman: The Time Traveler
The Time Traveler
Iceman: The Time Traveler (2019) Well Go USA action martial arts movie
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Iceman: The Time Traveler


Best new action film directed by Raymond Yip, starring martial arts legend Donnie Yen. Iceman, an emperor's guard, travels through space and time defying nature to rewrite history. 

During the Ming Dynasty, a palace guard, Ying (Donnie Yen), is buried and frozen in time by an avalanche during a fierce battle. Brought back to life in present day, Ying embarks on a quest for the only thing that can correct the wrongs of history – The Golden Wheel of Time. Ying sets out on his dangerous journey, never knowing every step he takes is leading him closer to a deadly trap.

Raymond Yip

Donnie Yen, Eva Huang, Wang Bao Qiang, Simon Yam, Yu Kang

Run Time
88 min
Release Date
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Donnie Yen protects woman in fist fight
Man in fighting stance in martial arts film Iceman: The Time Traveler
Guards to emperor stand in front of palace in Donnie Yen's Iceman film
Men carrying heavy logs across water in Iceman (2019) Movie
Donnie Yen stands in breastplate in deserted forest on guard in Iceman 2
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