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Watch the trailer of the first chapter in the martial arts saga of ICEMAN.
Donnie Yen stars in martial arts film Iceman (2014)
Run! If it's not his fists, his screams will blow you away!
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What the continuation of the ICEMAN martial arts saga with ICEMAN: THE TIME TRAVELER (2019)!



The first chapter in the martial arts saga of ICEMAN. Starring Donnie Yen. A warrior of the royal guard buried alive for treason is unearthed 400 years later to battle for the innocent.

A Ming Dynasty palace guard - wrongly accused of a murder - is being hunted by his three sworn brothers and all four get accidentally buried and kept frozen in time during a battle. Four hundred years later, they are defrosted and continue the battle while adjusting to modern day life.

Law Wing Cheong

Donnie Yen

Eva Huang

Wang Baoqiang

Simon Yam

Mark Wu

Gregory Wong

Run Time
105 min
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Iceman (2014) stars Donnie Yen as an elite Ming Dynasty guard to the emperor
Iceman (2014) Donnie Yen plays an emperor's guard sentenced to punishment