Floating City
Floating City

Floating City


In 1940s Hong Kong, the poorest families had no choice but to abandon their children.  Bo Wah Chuen (Aaron Kwok), a mysterious blue-eyed Asian boy, is ostracized and shunned.  As he works his way up from lowly laborer to an esteemed engineer for the British colonies, a shy but beautiful wife by his side, and another woman's attention growing that could feed both his heart and his career, Bo remains haunted.  

Who is he? Where does he come from? Who does he want to be?  

From Yim Ho, pioneering director of the Hong Kong New Wave movement, comes a lyrical and heartbreaking story of family, identity, and love that survives generations.

Yim Ho

Aaron Kwok

Charlie Young

Nina Paw

Josie Ho

Annie Liu

Carlson Cheng

Run Time
105 min
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