Dino King
Dino King
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Dino King


Meet Speckles. He's a Tarbosaurus, and lives a happy life in his forest home with his mom and siblings.  Until one day, as he's just learning to hunt, he encounters One-Eye, a Tyrannosaur looking for a new place to live. His herd is attacked, leaving poor Speckles an orphan, and alone in the world.

But when he meets Blue Eyes, another lonely and lost Tarbosaur, they become close companions - and then, over time, a family of their own.

But the life of a dinosaur is a hard one.  Speckles hasn't seen the last of One-Eye, and revenge, death, fear, and sadness are all in his future - as is happiness, and ultimately, hope.

[3/22: STRUCK THIS LINE:  "70 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the Korean Peninsula the same way they ruled the rest of the earth."]

Han Sang-Ho


Run Time
89 min
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