Mojin:The Worm Valley
Mojin: The Worm Valley mystical action adventure Chinese film movie
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Mojin: The Worm Valley


Following in the footsteps of blockbuster MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND and based on the bestselling novel series, MOJIN: THE WORM VALLEY once again finds legendary tomb explorer Hu Bayi on a dangerous mission as he seeks out the Tomb of Emperor Xian, located on an island of monstrous creatures in this mystical action-adventure.

Fei Xing

Cai Heng, Gu Xuan, Yu Heng, Chen Yusi, Ma Yuke, Cheng Taishen

Run Time
110 min
Release Date
Original Language
Subtitle Language
Legendary explorer Hu Bayi searches for the tomb of Emperor Xian.
Four adventurers scale a treacherous climb
Tomb explorer Hu Bayi returns in this sequel to MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND
An exhilarating story of explorers facing monsters and creatures to discover treasures
4 adventuring friends return to find treasure
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