Legendary Amazons
Legendary Amazons
LEGENDARY AMAZONS commanders look ahead during a fierce battle
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LEGENDARY AMAZONS armed flag bearers ride into battle
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Legendary Amazons


Set in the Song Dynasty, when the men of the Yang Clan are massacred in battle, their women, from elderly grandmother to little sisters, put on armor, take up swords, and lead the army to victory – seeking vengeance against the armies, as well as the corrupt official who allowed it to happen.

Produced by Jackie Chan, this action-packed war epic of the real-life story of the Yang family’s women generals stars Cecilia Chung as Mu Guiying, the celebrated woman warrior and Yang family daughter-in-law, as well as veteran wuxia actress Cheng Pei Pei as the 100-year-old Yang matriarch.  '90s action sweetheart She Taijun, Yukari Oshima and Taiwanese actor/singer Richie Ren also star in this epic and legendary martial arts spectacular.

Frankie Chan

Richie Jen

Cecilia Cheung

Zheng Peipei

Liu Xiaoqing

Ge Chunyan

Jackie Chan
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108 min
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Legendary Amazons
Legendary Amazons
Legendary Amazons