Baby Blues
Baby Blues

Baby Blues


A new home brings a fresh start for Hao (Raymond Lam) and Tian Qing (Janelle Sing), a happily married couple who soon discover she's pregnant with twin boys.

But when a difficult delivery leaves the couple with only one son alive, Tian is consumed with grief and postpartum depression. These "Baby Blues" weave an obsessive attachment to a baby doll, presumably abandoned by the previous owner. Before long, mysterious accidents grow into violent episodes that threaten the entire family - and one neighbor's warnings about a curse on their home becomes terrifyingly real...

Po-Chih Leong

Raymond Lam

Kate Tsui

Karena Ng

Hoi- Pang Lo

Sing Kwan Janelle

Run Time
92 min
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Still 2
Still 3
Still 4